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Renaisty ([personal profile] renaisty) wrote2017-02-19 02:21 pm
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Talk about best first impressions...

So, yesterday I finally bought my first real, actual comic issues. And, it's just my luck too, I managed to get Grayson #12. Mostly on accident, but I knew a homecoming story would be right up my alley. Boy, was it ever so much more than I ever could have imagined. From Alfred, to Bruce, to Tim and Jay, to Barbara, to Damian, it just was too much. And Dick's smarts was a big plus too, the whole thing basically was a dream. If I never read another comic in my life, I'd have been glad to have read that one.

Most memorable quotes:
"Are you happy?"
"I went to your funeral!" - funny thing, that line made me buy it, without reading anything else.
"I'm the oldest."
"I don't have a damn rope!"
The mutual "You're alive?!" moment.
"Boy-toy wonder" aaand here I cannot.

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